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Use the gentle cycle when washing this garments. It's often as gentle and effective as hand washing while the agitation of a regular washing cycle may be damaging. What goes in the gentle Cycle? Your favourite washable silk shirts, cotton knit (unconstructed) dress, spandex bike shorts - all the clothes you don't want to take a chance on. What doesn't go in the gentle cycle? Ordinary detergents, which may work great on grass-stained jeans but may be too harsh on your finer clothes 

-Dry clean                                        
-Hand wash
-Machine washable @30 delicate (gentle cycle) low spin
-out machine give it good shake it helps to reshape
can use spray starch outside of the shirt & leave to dry for a crisp finish.
-Hang dry at all times
-Steam ironed
Fine knit
-Hand wash
-Machine washable @30 delicate (gentle cycle) low spin
-flat dry at all times
-Steam ironed


-Dry-clean only